Maragheh Observatory

Maragheh Observatory

Eight hundred years ago, at a time when telescopes and astronomical cameras were still unknown, Khwaja Nasiruddin Tusi built an observatory that was known as the most advanced observatory in the world for many years. The Maragheh observatory, which was built in the historical planetarium complex for seasonal and astronomical studies by Iranian scientists, is considered a relic of the golden age of Iranian science and culture in the world. This observatory is one of the scientific and astronomical monuments of Khwaja Nasiruddin Tusi; He is a great philosopher, mathematician and astrologer of the Ilkhanate period and the author of the famous treatise “Akhlaq Naseri” and the famous “Zij” of the Ilkhanate, which was written by him, accompanied by some nobles and scholars.


Name: Maragheh Observatory

Age: 800 years

Manufacturer: Ilkhanian

Architectural style: The current white coating was made by German engineers

Special feature: One of the first and most reliable observatories in the world

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